Top 10 Things to Do in Kelowna, BC

Kelowna is a city experiencing a huge increase in population. The lake community evolved into a famous and wonderful resort. The city is unique to its sandy beaches and sunlight for more than 2,000 hours per year. Here are the top ten things you can do in Kelowna

Lake Okanagan

Lake Okanagan is extensively centered on the main Okanagan communities, including Vernon in the north, and Penticton from the south. It is a breathtaking entertainment playground for residents and tourists. This is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon for new couples.

2. Big White Ski Resort

At the Big White Mountain, the average 7.5-meter spectacular white snow is falling, which falls in winter. Family friendly accommodation provides tourists a range of ski trails and winter activities. There is also family-friendly accommodation and dining center to finish the day.

3. Merry Bellevue Regional Park

Although the Kettle Valley Railway has stopped working, interesting activities do not stop at Miraflu County Regional Park. Historical pillars and tunnels have become a popular route with motorcycles and pedestrians who make fun of their lives. Meera Canon runs 18 castles with remote ideas and heads through two tunnels. To make them eligible for visitors, bicycle rental is available at the Myra Station Car Park.

4. SS Siemus Okanagan Heritage Museum

S.S Sicily Oregon legacy is on the coast of Penticton. It included the 1919 Narmata Tugboat and Steamboat, in 1907. There is an impressive collection of historical artifacts and artifacts, including Okanagan. The museum entertains a large number of tourists daily and is definitely an ideal place to relax with friends.

5. Silver Star Mountain Resort

Silver Star Mountain Resort is 760 meters from a vertical slope and a ski resort. In summer, visitors climb the mountain for a glimpse, trails and mountain biking. In this supplement to this quiet resort, there are restaurants, hotels, condominiums, and shops where tourists can eat and relax their head.

6. BC of the garden industry The museum

BC Orchard Industry Museum is one of the places where tourists do not have to go through their adventure in Kelowna. There are artworks in the museum with information about a building, preserving the house and taking fruit. It has also been mentioned in the exhibition that how the Okanagan Valley has developed from a cattle chain to attractive gardens.

7. Samarland

Most of the city of Homeland is located on a roof above the tree of Okanagan Lake. Horticulture provides the city’s main industry with the history of the 1890s. Visitors can take samples of roadside vendors who line up on highways in summer or head to taste for Somerland. There are also many walking paths, seats and picnic spots.

8. Lake Wessex Park

Westside Lake Provincial Park is located in South Pickett. This is a small camp with a four-kilometer-long lake. It is a port of birds; Oz is a nest and a rare trombone that prevents me from fleeing. Lake is also home to several species of fish being transformed into a famous fishing destination. Other wildlife parks include beaver, deer, mushrooms, rabbits and much more.

9. Oliver

Oliver is a small town surrounded by orchards. This small town came into being after World War I when the Canadian government compensated the soldiers who escaped from irrigated land. One of the most fascinating areas to explore is Oliver and the District Heritage District Museum, which has facilities for exploring the natural history of the Canadian dessert, Pioneer Days, or Fairview’s old mining city (1887-1906). A museum is a great place for families to start their adventures in the area.

10. Peaches

Between Kelowna and Penticton is located on the edge of Oakland Lake. The township is home to its rich orchards and is a popular tourist attraction. It offers a stroll to Hardy Falls, which is popular and accessible by wheelchairs. Visitors can engage in activities like golf, hiking and horseback riding.

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