The Development of the Nautical Tourism in Croatia

The country of 1,000 islands, total tourism revenues in the whole world 100 billion euros At present, Croatia receives 6% of the tourism sector. Prior to the war, tourism in Croatia was the main economic motto, which filled the treasure of the former National Bank of Yugoslavia. The war has kept Croatia as an excellent destination, but now this beautiful country is in a state of dangling, and everyone is listening as Croatia’s best European destination.

There are many possibilities in this economic branch of Croatia. But with all the businesses, the key lies in the strategy. To return to the first sentence of “This country of 1000 islands”, I think that the answer to the question on strategy is self-explanatory. Croatia needs to follow the example of Montenegro and there is a need to create a positive investment climate for the construction of the vast marina. We asked Sr. ?? Portolan, a member of the Adriatic Sea Yacht Service Administration, spoke about it. Your Reserve Account ?? Tell us that we must follow the model used by France. Portolan was part of the Adriatic Yacht Services Incentive Tour which took place in Cap d’Antib in March 2013. He told us that he was surprised by the size of the berth, especially for the big boats. Your Reserve Account ?? They also explained to us that the quality of infrastructure services was unmatched. Your Reserve Account ?? Portolan insisted that this French model is in which there is a lack of Croatia.

Here in Croatia, if we examine only two of these factors in Dubrovnik, then we failed in the exam. It is natural to follow the example of our neighbors, Montenegro. The Porto Montenegro Project in Tivat, a luxury Marina complex, an Anglo-Russian investment project, is a success story to such an extent that the oil that has hit Arizari’s investors was putting serious money to develop a new luxury marina in Compor is. After visiting Porto Montenegro, I was surprised to sell cars to the representatives who sold the infrastructure, restaurants, luxury shops, luxury travel agencies, boats, and representative offices, who would show me how dangerous the whole story was.

At the end of the day, the conclusion that can be concluded is a simple conclusion, because Dubrovnik should be the best destination in Croatia so that the solution can be made before making a huge boat berth as soon as possible. So, if you are on a boat in Porto Montenegro in Tivat, then it is understandable that your next stop is Dubrovnik. However, if you do not have a huge boat berth for not mentioning the consistent infrastructure and services, then it is unlikely that as a destination for reading the state, you will pick this chip in the cake and let us say 8%. And will accelerate economic reforms.