Spring In Washington, DC – Our Top 10 Things To See

1 national park
This is not your father’s baseball field, where Washington’s citizens play in one of the country’s best modern parks, making everything very comfortable and unforgettable. The biggest feature to stand out is the Digital Display Screen, which is used for Park Excellence Platforms. Orders come with fast and fewer errors, which means a long time to wait and a long time to watch the game.

2 National Cherry Blossom Festival
There is no central place for this special festival, where events are organized throughout the city during spring. Pink and white color fill the landscape of the ocean, from which even the most beautiful tourist sites are also happy.

3 trucks
Food lovers unite! The trucker is fast food in the right way. Food trucks gather every spring to show their menu while enjoying fun music and entertainment while eating fresh and tasty food. Here’s something for everyone, not only fried foods and hamburgers.

Dragon Boat Festival
Travel to the Potomac River to experience the culmination of the main event of the Dragon Boat Race, to experience the splendid performance of Chinese art and cultural events.

5 White House Easter Roll
This spring tradition speaks for itself. Every year, tens of thousands of people in White House Park gather to participate in the annual white list, as well as games and activities for the whole family.

6 passport
This is what D.C. The most famous for washing should be: Multicultural Festival Every year in May, there is a collective “festival” which brings together the embassies and teaches the people about different cultures and relationships with samples of different arts and traditions.

Estimates of the Smithsonian Jazz
There is always some movement in the Smithsonian Institution, but in the spring, they dedicate to the art and heritage of jazz on April. You will find many special guests who talk and perform, it is necessary for any music lover, jazz alone.

8 USA Science and Engineering Fair
Organized at the Washington Convention Center, there are hundreds of activities and workshops for anyone interested in removing science and technology in this festival. There is a constant emphasis on what science and engineering can achieve. You can get information about the future in this exhibition.

9 film dc
The oldest and most popular film festival in the capital comes to bring the most anticipated gems and discoveries from around the world in late April every year. Some places are cheaper than entering other places, so do not think that this is the only open festival for the elite.

Frederick Douglas National Historic Site
When you are in Maryland, it’s another place to roam. Famous Das, who escaped slavery to become one of the most respected black scholars and activists, entered a modest home, which was once one of America’s most powerful minds.

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