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Public University Versus Private University

There are many factors that differentiate public universities and the private ones. Getting to know what they are helps you to make your decision. Let’s see how they are different and if they match your needs.

First on the list of differences is the founder of the universities. The public universities are established by government. It is established to help all the people in the country to get education. It is normally for those who cannot afford to go to private or those who are excellent in their studies. The private universities are established by big corporation. The main purpose is to help students to get an education and earn money in the same time.

Then, we have the fees. The fees charged are very different between the both of them. The fee of public universities is subsidized by the government while private universities are not subsidized by anyone. The fees in private universities are very expensive and is not affordable by everyone. Large amount of money has to be spent to send a child to a private university. It also depends on the reputation of the university. The majority of this type of universities are cater for the needs of middle and higher class group of people.

The courses offered are also different, in the sense that the courses offered in public universities are limited. The places offered in each course are also limited as well. However in private universities, there are a variety of courses offered and the places offered depends on the demand of the students applying for it.

One important factor that you need to consider is the financial support offered by both types of universities. Public universities offered more financial support than private university. This includes scholarship, loans, grants and many other more. This is because the courses offered are recognized by the big companies and corporations.

And then we have the number of intakes for a semester. The places offered in a particular intake of public universities are fixed whereas private universities have no limited places offered. The public universities controlled the students admission in a semester. Students are assessed based on some criteria in order to get in public universities. In privates’, it all depends on the demand of the students.

Finally, we need to consider the facilities available. Students in private universities have said to have better faculties than public universities. This is because their standards are higher when hiring lecturers and professional to teach students. The salary paid to the lecturers and professors are higher. They prefer working in private universities if they are given the chances.

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