New York: A City of Business Experts

The most difficult aspect of organizing a business meeting or conference is simply logistics. There are several things to arrange for whether you are meeting in Timbuktu or New York: conference places, jacks, transport, transportation and so on. However, one of the most important factors is the expertise and research material – resources, amplifiers, and data are essential for each meeting. The truth is that finding them in New York is much easier than Timbuktu!

It has been said that the quality of input determines the quality of production, and New York is much more than work placements at Convention sites. Fortunately, in a city that never sleeps, finding the experience you need is not difficult to find.

He is an expert

The industry you live in, the world’s best minds are not far from places in New York conventions. In the field of life sciences alone, the city boasts the largest number of life science certificates awarded in the United States – where forty thousand licensed doctors and 127 Nobel laureates can lay their roots in the best institutions of the city.

If you are looking for information, research and resources for your events or discussions at New York Convention sites, then you will find them in other cities like Barnard, Columbia, NYU, Fordham, Yeshiva, Pais and The New School in the city.

Medical and life science

For medical and other life sciences, Memorial Sloan Catering Cancer Center, Cornell Medical College, New York State University, Rockefeller University, Mount Sinai, Albert Einstein College of Medicine can take advantage of. For Applied Science, Cornell University – In fact, exploitation has been done, along with the technique – the Israeli Institute of Technology to convert the $ 2 billion Applied Science Graduate School on Roosevelt Island to convert it into a technology capital world.


There are also many business experts in the city – just one stone away from New York’s conference sites! After all, London is a global center and after London and Tokyo, one of the three centers of international trade. So, you need the best minds and information in the field of banking, finance, retail, global business, transportation, tourism, real estate, legal, insurance, media (television, movies, advertising, new media giants), and the United States Art in America, you will find them here!

Arts & Games

For art, fashion and design, endless talents can be taped from Gouliard and New York University, as well as countless museums and galleries that dot the city.

There are also experts in the city of the sports area – this is home to Baseball and Baseball League baseball national leagues, the National Basketball Association, and the National Hockey Association. With four of the ten most expensive stadiums built around the world – MetLife, New Yankee Stadium, City Field, and of course, Madison Square Garden Field Competitions can be more fun and less fun when you receive a game!

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