New Age Luxury Travel

Current luxury travelers are looking for new and unique experiences. They want to learn and understand the culture and history of the places they visit. They should test it as a local, or more suitable, very rich local.

The new side of luxury vacations, staying in the most expensive hotels now or not sleeping (or actually eating it), is now about the experience that you will never forget that someone else has not Instagrammed.

The option that can give you a truly new experience in the modern sense of luxury travel, is a private sailing tour aboard a luxury sailing. Such a cruise in the Aegean Sea, especially in the Cyclades Islands, can provide an authentic experience of the city, city or village tour.

Although there will always be places to roam, you can also try authentic local experiences. For example, in the islands you see, you can take part in programs where local people are often, such as local festivals with music, dance, food, and drinks.

For those who like to shop, you will have the opportunity to buy and buy local products that you will not find anywhere else. Try the herbs that come from Greek soil like wine, cheese, and amazing Hellenic products and grow with the help of sun and solar winds.

Apart from other things, you also have the option of arranging a unique experience with your captain by combining various investigations, day trips, cruises and activities in line with their priorities and personal interests. You can enjoy a massage or personal advice such as archaeological sites, secret purchases or even Ayurvedic or Thai massages, treatment treatments, reiki, and aromatherapy. If you want you can also enjoy water sports or relaxing yoga workshop.

All of the above can be an unforgettable time in your life, in which the planned services, private trips, isolated beaches, private trips, or in the Greek countryside is a vineyard in cycling, where you await a healthy Mediterranean meal. ? The options are endless.

Of course in this kind of journey, the navigator crew can guarantee you safety and security, quiet cruise, safe anchor and the best services inside and out of the boat. Everything is made on a journey with these lines to please the palm of your hands and gives you the joy you find in a new luxury journey.