Dock Walking – Getting a Job on a Super Yacht

What is Dock Walk? Walking in the dock is the process of walking on a ghat, talking to the crew on board with a yacht, and an attempt to secure any of the following; Doing daily work, working permanently or leaving them with your resume.

For me, it has proven to be one of the most nervous-removal operations to find a job in a superyacht …

Monday morning at 0630, early in the morning anticipation. I live in a crew house with much super-yachts crew, all of which I am eagerly looking for a job at a superyacht, all of which are competing for equal work on a limited number of boats. I wake up early, I want to stay in the bathroom first (before people start waiting in the queue for the shower) and shave the first day on the footpaths of the antipathy. Presentation in the industry was important and my clothes were arranged and settled on the first night. I take breakfast, shave and breakfast, my appetite is low because my veins fill my stomach with some anxiety. I fill my bag with essentials, sunscreen, and water, before leaving crew house with a selection of biographies printed in a clean folder. I want to be the first person out of the crew’s house and on the sidewalk when I can get any initial driver on the deck.

It is a beautiful fresh morning, and the salty smell of the sea lives in the calm air, surrounded by the Antibes’ small Cobblestone roads. The sun is going to grow, and with the white plain plane mark on the blue background, the sky is clear, and there is a cooler in the air, which shows that the autumn is ever coming. The streets of Cobblestone have been left behind with a wide range of boats with anchored boats, all of which overlook the beautiful golden palace, which looks at the port of Antibes, where the golden sunshine of the palace is seen. As soon as I walk along the pier, the falling sea turns into one of the hedges, which pulls some pizza back from a torn bag. The water is calm and the city is free, 0730 and the harbor are calm.

Visit the International Dock, the main port of some of the world’s largest superyachts, through the most modest boats, which are still very big according to the standards at home. My concern grows with my point of view from the entrance to the main entrance, my heart runs fast and fear of rejection from my perspective increases. I crossed the security barrier from an open gate, which looked like a boy in school, on his first day in school, a backpack, to clean the cloth bundle and to move his autobiography folder; I certainly looked like a beginner. When I entered the International Dock, a big boat greeted me with the letter “DILBAR” on the other side of the shining silver; the reflection of the splendid waves of water from the hull of boats and the yachts stretching for the distance; My heart grew more and I was trying to convince myself that this is almost not; I will go and I will try tomorrow, where it will be easy … I know that I have to continue.

Seated in the dock is 0735, there is no one around the security guard bar and this morning I feel totally uneasy in my intentions. Seeing the huge stretch of a yacht in front of me I sat beside a flower bed, all the boats were anchored on the back, which I had to face docking. I find it difficult to understand the changes in the world which I have been experiencing in just two days. Two days ago I was working in an office, watching the rain falling on a busy road … now I am impressed with these stunning boats, with unemployed, blue sea and sky that old golden castle landing Affected

More pedestrians appear gradually, some of them appear to be very experienced pedestrians, heirs with some faith and knowledge, some of which I talk about politely and briefly. Some people purely focus on boats and float in the past without recognition.

On 0745 I decided to walk on the other end of the jetty and started walking on the sidewalk towards the front, the second pavement hoped to catch up with the crew before being disturbed by pedestrians. Big Yachts, First of all, I would expect to attract the most stereo people from these boats, so I first select small boats (more than 60 meters long!). As soon as I walk to the end of the jetty, the boats start getting alive, the crew of the ship is seen by the door on the yacht and walks towards the back (back) on both sides of the boat. I see the crew is coming out, the moment I was expecting for a long time, and I’m worried about the other. My heart is now beating at such a level, where I can beat and pulse around my body, a feeling I have not felt because I speak the best man last month. I look at the bottom and second floor to raise the flag behind the boat,

With my dismay building, but my heart rate is slowing down, I am still with the sidewalk, I am determined to be dissatisfied with the next boat, and I promise that it will be the only boat that does not go near it. Is a new …

With the third boat, someone lifted the flag behind the boat, as I approach, and then increases the heart rate, but with the sorrow and determination, I also call them a chapter, “Do you seek a crew is doing?” The chapter looks down and smiles and informs them that it is fully equipped. Although I feel the great disapproval of achievement, I have removed my fear of asking to work in one of these boats and feel more ready to start my journey to find work on a luxury boat. I am

That morning, I was able to talk to the crew on five different boats. When I return home to the crew, I feel more confident during the morning walk and I am happy that I managed to give some biographies. I have completed the first mornings on the first morning, now I am going to walk many walkways on the way.

I have improved my walking skills on the pier with practice, and it takes me about a week to feel confident in doing this, and because the concerns have gone away. Over time, the process has improved and it has become more elegant in asking whether they require a daily work or a new crew and are able to leave more autobiographies and references with boats, even if they are the driver The team was not looking for. I have always tried to have a humble conversation with the crew before leaving, which will develop a form of humble relationship, which I hope will help me to stand in the middle of the crowd. I was surprisingly surprised to find the help set and welcomed me as a park. The reality is that most crew members of the board performed the process of walking in the dock at some point, and they got to understand that finding a job on this boat, sympathizing with you and wherever they are an essential part of helping you Was there.

I liked walking on the pier, with other couples, Antibes, Kan, Monaco, Nice, Saint Tropez. The best I found was Antibes and Monaco. I spent a long time running miles in the middle, and I distributed many biographies and spoke politely to many crew members. Many times, it is frustrating, because there is no wire in my hard work. I have always tried to stay positive and move forward, though it was sometimes difficult and I knew that the hours were ticking fast and close to the end of another season, the Mediterranean boat would soon leave for the Caribbean.

However, hard work, perseverance, and patience will eventually come in handy. I got a daily job on two boats, which made my experience when I started again, which gave me more employment.

Unknowingly, the days of walking in the shipyard were coming to an end, because they reached a boat very late in the afternoon after landing a boat. The normal routine for seeking work after submissive manners A crew member handed my resume, asked about my merit and looked disappointed because I did not get a master’s degree in the boat, and kept telling me that the captain was using the crew only on the deck. You have this qualification. I was disappointed because there was an interesting route in the boat and the crew looked favorably on the board. The next morning, as soon as I passed through the dock, I passed the boat that my autobiography had handed me in the afternoon. One of the crew members called me and introduced me to one day’s work. It evolved from a workday to a week’s work, which led to a trial period leading to permanent work and that all the fortune-telling day of handing over that autobiography and speaking to that person.

It is an incredible feeling, getting the job of Super Yachts, completely away from your back from the hour of walking on the pier. Work on this vessel was done when all the property was transferred to the board, from where the footpath went for a pedestrian full-time crew member who was proud of one day. I have been out of office job almost two months ago and now have done a new life to start working on one of the world’s best luxury yachts.

Looking back, running the quiet side in the job-finding process was the most exciting part. But it was easy with time and practice, you only get rid of this fear of asking for that first boat.

As a human being, I think that we need to rest more in embracing fear and uncertainty because it is often such things that make us an uncomfortable, fearful or nervous system that is some of the most exciting changes in your life Can create more opportunities …

… you never know, that you have made a decision, or you can change the direction of your life or career when you meet a conversation or someone and take your life completely into new adventures.

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