Charter A Private Yacht in Greece – Why Choose Greece?

Exotic Sunlight Greek Islands are ideal for hiring a private boat in Greece! The entire country looks like a great “resort” for total rest and looks like a perfect place for a boat charter on the Greek islands! In the eastern part of Greece, the following islands are Cyclades Islands, Sporades Islands, Dodakany Islands. In the western part of Greece, you can roam on your charter boat with a stunning charter the Ionian Islands. In the south of the mainland, you can sail with the Peloponnese coast and the famous Crete Island in the south! We should not ignore the mention of the famous Lightweight field in northern Greece, with some of the best holiday resorts in Eastern Europe! Consequently, Greece is from west to east, and is the place to look for fantastic beaches and beautiful holidays from north to south!

Some other reasons for the selection of the charter of Greece for the following boats:

Culture: In ancient times Greece was the birthplace of Western culture and democracy. Greek philosophers and scientists were pioneers in many sciences: medicine, mathematics, biology, philosophy, chemistry, astronomy, physics and others. He also knew the population of acting through Greek tragedy and Greek comedy. In Greece, there is a long history of culture from antiquity unless it is until the time of the Byzantine period. Whenever you go to Greece, you see an important part of the glorious past of ancient Greece!

Natural Beauty: If you love nature, you will be impressed by Greece, especially the Magical Greek Islands! Nearby areas invite you to visit the Greek Islands year after year and discover something new! Small white villages, pure blue water, golden beaches, pine forest near beaches, which make water turquoise in some areas, somewhere in deep blue water … each island is different and its own beauty! The “stars” of the island are Microns and Santorini. But there are others like Milos, Siros, Paros, Kaya and Naxos who are worth watching! Do not leave them once … they will reward you as soon as they decide to travel!

Sightseeing: Cruise to Delos Island with your charter boats or by local water taxi. Ecotpilliani in Paros, Industrial Museum in Cyrus, Milos Mining Museum, Artisan Marble Museum in Tinos and Archaeological Arts and Venice Museum in Naxos Island. There are only some museums in the Cyclades group above. There are many scattered in the rest of the Greek islands in the Aegean archipelago. Needless to say, before the start of the Greek boat charter, it is proposed to visit all the monuments in Athens!

Climate: Greece celebrates summer from May to October! The heat is usually very hot but it is dry. Clear sky, never rain Just an ideal place for your holidays! In the Cyclades, you can face some wind in the summer, winds of “Meltemi” are famous. These strong winds move somewhere between July to August. During this time of year, sailing becomes a bit difficult, but it is not impossible except for extreme cases. The captain of the yacht charter regularly studies the weather and knows exactly when to do it, when sailing is not necessary, what should be avoided. This is available to you based on the weather conditions, depending on your preferences and preferences! In July and August, the temperature is high and can be more than 40 degrees Celsius. In the islands, however, do not feel high temperatures due to the local climate, landscape, open sea, and so on of each island. High temperatures in Athens and other major cities are more clear. In general, the best months to get your Greek boat charter are in the beginning of June, early July, September and early October!

Hospitality: Greeks are known for their hospitality. It is common for a tourist to come out of Greek to help, give directions, give suggestions, and help immediately on the loss of someone. Greek mental and Greek hospitality will blow up! Everywhere, you will meet local people, who are eager to welcome you! Greeks will make your holidays very special!

Cooking Experience: Greece is famous for its recipes. Each Greek island has its own dishes. One of the most famous dishes in Greece is Crete! All islands have plants based on their own climate, so there are herbs, vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese, alcohol, olive oil, fresh fish and their seafood. Due to the right climate, enjoy fruits and vegetables with a wonderful and distinctive flavor! Traditional local cuisines like Kajal, Pasta, Sauwalki, Local Feta Cheese, olive, calamari, octopus prepared by locals! Do not taste recipes in Greece because you will try in a Greek restaurant in your city. Different ingredients, cooking methods are also different. Especially, if you go to Crete … then you will never forget Guaranteed Craton dishes!

Greek beach: When you consider a hot sunny holiday, you can take a photo of yourself on a Greek beach, as you can see in one of the photos that appear in magazines … beautiful coastal villages Travel and spend your day on the beach. If you want, you will not be in shape, but you can rent water run such as ice skating, play volleyball on the beach with the locals, diving, fishing or the waves … you can recover the recovery With moisture will keep on the beach bar. So you can enjoy the morning until the sun goes down! These are the holidays you need! Or take a Greek boat charter and travel a new beach every day! Do some navigation between the Greek Islands! Explore all the Greek islands! Does it seem funny? If you set your own yacht charter in Greece, then plan ahead of time.

Other reasons for hiring yachts to travel to Greece: Full relaxation, exciting nightlife, it’s a safe and beautiful place for the family and a very romantic place for a honeymoon!

Greece is waiting for you and the Greek summer receives you!

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