Animals of Central America

In Central America, there is a wide range of wildlife ranging from different types of insects to various birds and mammals. This wide range is due to part of the different species of animals within the area of ​​open grassland to tropical rainforests, from which central America gets this important blend within its ecosystem.

Due to its location, you can see wildlife in Central America as a meeting point of tropical animals in South America and the most common in North America. It can be seen in the spread of large cats in Central America with the presence of panthers, pumas, and jaguars, some name People can be more familiar with codes that appear in parts of the United States, and Jaguar can be linked to Amazon in South America, yet they are found in Central America, in a small number. Unfortunately, these numbers have reduced due to their favorite environment, such as hunting and destruction of rainforests.

Rainforests living in most parts of Central America are relatively mild on mammals but are full of worms and reptiles. This is primarily due to the fact that in rainforests there is an exceptionally low floor place that enables them to survive. Apart from reptiles and insects, perhaps the most common animal species are monkeys, where there are many species in the area.

Snakes are common among rainforests in Central America, but some people mistakenly believe that because of presence in Amazon, Anaconda can be found in this area. But this is not the case, but other snakes appear in the area and can continue to grow magnificent. Apart from obstacles, you have many trees snakes and some are poisonous. Therefore, extreme caution should be done in the area, but due to a large number of species, it is impossible to understand and understand each species. The most common reptile species in the region is the orchid. Many species can be found directly across Central America, the most common is the Iguana and Gecko. In some parts, they are actually sold as tasty local meats. This discovery of meat helps to destroy the rainforests as well as squeeze their numbers.

A type of animal that is mostly associated with tropical is a brightly colored bird and Central America is no different. Bright feathers have been sought for Maya because they were used for the headdress and formal use. But apart from Quizal, you have many parrots, birds and other migratory birds in North and South America.

To be able to see wildlife and to fully appreciate it, it is best to go away from the main tourist trails and find out what is behind them. Vacation cannot be completely full of luxury, but for the best results, you will probably find in the entire area of ​​hostels, guesthouses or campsites.

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